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Long-Term Loans.

Looking to make a big investment? Maybe you need some extra cash for a mortgage? Whatever you need a long-term loan for, we are here to help. A long-term loan allows you to borrow a higher amount and pay it back over a longer period of time. Gone are the days where excellent credit scores are required to borrow some money.

At Loan Ridge, we have simplified the process and made it as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. First, fill out the online application and indicate how much money you need. Upon approval, sign the contract with the click of a mouse and you're set. You will get the funds deposited directly into your account. With us, it really is that simple. Most importantly, there are no hidden conditions. Just money in your pocket, when you need it the most.

How You Can Benefit From a Long-Term Loan.

When you require a long-term loan for a larger investment, our team at Loan Ridge is here to facilitate the process. We ensure you get the extra funds you need, whenever you need them. Our goal is to help Consumers achieve better financial stability in order to help their dreams come true. The greatest benefit of a long-term loan is that it results in a lower, more affordable payments. So you’re never left strapped for cash.

  • Payments in easy installments – We make it easy for you to pay off your long-term loan with easy installments for up to 12 months.
  • Quick Money – The main benefit of our long-term loans is that the application process is much shorter compared with other lenders. Our approval process is as short as 5 minutes, and you can get the money as quickly as the next day.
  • Complete Transparency – We take pride in our transparency and simplified loan conditions. You can sleep soundly knowing that your monthly payments will always stay the same no matter what.
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Why Get a Long Term Loan?

At Loan Ridge, we do not ask you why you require a long-term loan. Your reasons are your business. Instead, we make it easy for you to get the money you need through various loans instantly available to you. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit – it’s all okay! Here are some examples of what you can use our long-term loans for:

  • Education (i.e. tuition)
  • Home (i.e. mortgages)
  • Cars
  • Small Businesses (i.e. expansions)

Some incredible features of long-term loans include lower payments, higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, repayment in installments, as well as tax benefits. Our streamlined loan application process makes it easy for Consumers to get approved for a bad credit long-term loan in a matter of minutes.

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Apply for a Loan Today.

If you're looking for a quick and safe long-term loan, then we are the right choice for you. Apply for your unsecured long-term loan in just 3 easy steps.

1Fill out the Loan Application
Easily Apply Online

Complete your application in just a few minutes. Once you're approved, we'll send you an email notification.

2Sign The Loan Contract
Sign Your Contract

Provide your digital signature with just one simple click of the mouse and send it back to us.

3Get Your Money Deposited Into Your Account
Get Your Personal Loan

Once we receive your signed contract, our system will process the funds and deposit the money into your account.

Why Choose Us?

Loans Applications are Approved
85% of Applications are Approved

We're proud to help our fellow Consumers achieve their financial goals through simplified long-term loans.

Get Money Straight to Your Bank Account
Get Money Deposited into Your Account

With our easy application process, the money will be deposited automatically into your bank account.

Improve Your Credit Score
Improve Your Credit

By paying off your long term loan in regular installments, you can build and improve your credit score.

Loans Services.

Our mission is to help Consumers achieve their financial stability through easy long-term loans and low payments.

Get approved for an unsecured Loan
Unsecured Loans

Get approved for an unsecured loan in minutes and receive up to $2000.

Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Loans

Free yourself from bad credit. Apply for a bad credit loan today!

Fast Cash Loans
Cash Loans

Need cash fast? No problem. Just fill out your easy online application.

Express Loans
Express Loans

Express loans that will help you achieve your goals!

Personal Loans
Personal Loans

Personal loans when you need them most. Apply in just a few clicks.

No Credit Loans
No Credit Loans

Don't have credit yet? New to United States? Apply today for a no credit loan.

Customer Reviews.

What our clients say.

Loan Ridge Testimonial

As newcomers, we needed a loan to get settled. We took out a quick personal loan from Loan Ridge, which helped a lot.

Loan Ridge Testimonial

I needed a personal loan to cover some of my expenses, including a new car. The application process is very easy and quick.

Loan Ridge Testimonial

Thanks to Loan Ridge, I was able to consolidate all my debt into one monthly payment which helped me stay on top of my finances.

Loan Ridge Testimonial

I got a $2000 loan to fix my house. Applying was extremely easy and I was approved almost instantly. Thanks, Loan Ridge.

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